Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Knitting By The Moon - Knitting Class

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!
     I'm excited to announce that coming this fall, I will be teaching my very first Knitting By The Moon class at the Recycled Lamb in Lakewood, CO. (Check out their website if you'd like to sign up! recycledlamb.com).
     The class, aka Knitting Time Management, will help students to focus when they start and finish projects and align the timing of those activities with the moon. As you've seen on this blog, I've been following the moon's phases for some time now and aligning my own knitting projects to it. Now I want to share that with others, as part of a larger experiment.
     The dates of the class are as follows: Monday, Sept 9th, Weds Sept 25th, Weds Oct 9th, and Weds Oct 30th. I choose these particular dates because the moon is not void of course on any of them (at least, not during the 6-8pm class time) and on Sept and Oct 9th, the moon is waxing, where on Sept 25th and Oct 30th, the moon is waning. So the goal of the waxing moon classes will be to start projects and the goal of the waning moon classes will be to finish them.
     I'm thinking that we'll also do some experimenting with starting and attempting to finish projects off cycle - i.e. start a project during the waning moon and finish one during the waxing - and see what happens!
     During class time, in addition to providing any knitting help and guidance on projects that my students need, I also plan to discuss some basic astrology, to the level that they are interested.
     As our class commences, I'll be sure to provide updates with how it goes.

Today's full moon in Aquarius at 7:44pm (MDT) begins a short Void of Course period, until 10:43pm tonight when the moon enters Pisces.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Looking back - Knitting with the Moon

Before I began my foray into knitting by the moon, I did a little statistical analysis on my previous projects. Since I'd kept pretty good records in Ravelry of the dates I started/ended projects, it wasn't too difficult to look up the moon sign, phase and whether it was Void of Course (VOC) or not.
Looking Back 2010-2011
Here's a summary of my data:
Looking back at projects in 2011 and 2010, I started AND completed the most projects while the moon was in a Fire sign. 
Starting projects mostly in fire (36%), followed by water (27%), then earth (21%), finally the least started with the moon in an air sign (16%). 
Completing projects mostly in fire(31%), followed by earth (29%), then water(27%), finally air(12%). 
I did not start or complete many projects while the moon was definitely VOC (only 3% definite). 
But since the moon goes VOC sometimes in the middle of the day it was hard to know for sure. I tracked the days that were ‘Maybe’s. Of the maybe’s, I started 35%, and completed 55% while the moon was possibly VOC.
In terms of phase of the moon, I started (30%) and completed (29%) the most projects while the moon was a Waxing Crescent. 
Though interestingly the next most frequent moon phase for starting projects was Waning Crescent (21%). 
The next most frequent for completing projects was Waning Crescent (22%) tied with Waxing Gibbous (22%). 
The least frequent phase for starting projects was Third Quarter or New Moon (tho this phase spans less of the total month) 
and for completing projects was First Quarter or New Moon (again, these phases only being a day long).
Here are a couple of links I used to identify if the moon was VOC and what phase the moon was in: 
Moon VOC Calendar 2010 
Phases of the Moon Calendar 
Knitting with the Moon in 2012
Since it's now half way thru 2013, I've gone back and looked at 2012. 
From what I've recorded in Ravelry, I completed 26 projects in 2012, only one of which was started in 2011. 
Of those, I started the most projects when the moon was in a Waxing Crescent phase(38%). This was actually the goal as well and what I viewed as the optimal time to start projects. The sign that the moon was in when I started the most projects was Taurus(23%), and Earth signs in general also had the most project starts (46%).
For finishing projects, my goal was to finish them when the moon was waning. But it appears I actually finished the most projects while the moon was in Waxing Gibbous (27%). And I finished the most projects while the moon was in Pisces (15%). The moon was most often in a Water sign when I finished projects (31%). 
As for Void of Course Moon, which I tried to avoid starting projects during, I only ended up starting 15% during this phase for sure, and possibly another 19% but again, without knowing the exact time of my project I can't know for sure. 
For finishing projects I only finished 11% during a Void of Course Moon with a possibility of another 38% when the moon might have been void.
Although I started the most projects with the moon in an Earth sign, the next highest element was Fire (23%), then Air (19%) and finally Water (15%). 
For finishing, Water was the most comment (31%), then Earth, Air and Fire were all tied at 23%. 
For starting projects, Taurus was the most popular sign for the moon at 23%, followed by Aries at 19% and Capricorn at 15%. 7% of the time I started projects in Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces. I didn't start any projects when the Moon was in Leo or Scorpio.
Finishing projects happened most often while the moon was in Pisces (15%), then 11% of the time in Aquarius, Gemini and Taurus. 7% of the time in either Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagitarrius or Capricorn. Only 3% in Virgo and never in Libra.
Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, seems to be an appropriate sign for the Moon to start knitting projects. Perseverance and Patience are some of Taurus' keywords which indeed knitting projects require. Venus also seems to be a good planet for knitting beautiful things. 
Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac may be an appropriate choice for finishing projects. Also, my Sun is in Pisces. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The intent of this blog + links

Greetings dear readers,
   After the initial idea to write this blog came to me last knit night when I was blabbing on about astrology and how I'm paying attention to certain astrological things and how they influence my knitting, the confirmation came a few days later after googling around for some other people who may have written about the relationship between knitting and astrology.
   So to give credit where it's due and also to provide you with some other perspectives, here are a couple of the links that I found and enjoyed.
   The first is really a 'just for fun' one, from a fellow knitter-designer who wrote up little knitter horoscopes for each of the signs. Here I'll provide the link to my Sun sign, Pisces. But you can link to the rest of the signs from her blog: http://www.canaryknits.com/2012/01/knit-strology-or-extrapolations-based_30.html
    The next one I found extremely awesome, it's written by an astrologer/teacher and I love her analysis. Probably part of the reason is that I found many of the traits mentioned to be true in my own natal chart! Here's the link: http://slushpileastrology.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-astrology-of-knitting.html.  
   Here's the things she mentioned which I also have in my chart:

  • Virgo, sign of the craftsman, which is my rising sign. 
  • A stellium in Capricorn. I have Moon/South Node/Venus
  • Either Virgo or Capricorn on the angles - I have Virgo ASC and Capricorn on the IC
  • Hard Moon-Saturn aspects - I have Moon square Saturn
  • Pluto - Although she doesn't mention specific placements or aspects to pluto, I have a stellium involving pluto in my first house, with Mars and Saturn. And she does point out a strong/ruling Saturn as well could indicate someone who is a knitter.
   The next link I actually got from that last one, and she linked to another blog: http://outthecometsass.blogspot.com/2008/07/knitters.html. This author seems to be more of an astrologer than a knitter and went onto Ravelry.com, a site of course I'm familiar with being an avid knitter, and read through the different groups postings that applied to astrological signs. I also found her analysis to be very amusing of the different signs. I too have gone onto those groups and looked at the posts but I liked her notes and analysis.   
    As it turns out, I have become the moderator of an astrology group on Ravelry as well. It just so happened the previous moderator wanted to step down right around the time I was looking to take a more active roll. The group doesn't get a ton of action, but it's more lively than some. Here's the link if you are interested: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/music-of-the-spheres
    I actually posted an analysis of the moon's sign as it correlated to when I started and finished knitting projects in 2010 and 2011 as a page on that group.  The analysis also included other factors such as when the moon went Void of Course and what the moon phase was. I will likely repost that information here and further the analysis into 2012-2013.